Sitting at a coffee table or with your feet up on the sofa with a laptop balancing on your legs might seem perfectly reasonable right now...

The dangers to health

Poor workspace and facilities can cause a variety of health risks, with joint stiffness and back pain being the most common complaints.

Homeworking desks

We have created the homeworking range of space-friendly desks with all the important features that your office desk provides, For the home.


Designed to focus on health & wellbeing

With more people working from home, there is a need to ensure they are given a comfortable workspace that can replicate the functionality of the office based desk. That’s why, Homeworking desks are designed to provide ample desktop workspace, plenty of leg room and a range of technology options, such as monitor arms and fast charging USB’s to help maintain productivity with ease.

Homeworking desks consider the health and wellbeing of the user, making sure that the desk provides the very best in optimal positioning to reduce the risks of back and musculoskeletal discomfort,  often created from working at dining room tables or coffee tables for long periods of time. Does this sound familiar?


Challenges of newly working from home

Homeworking desks create a work sanctuary in your home so there’s no need to share the kitchen table with the family anymore

Finding a space to temporarily convert into a home office area can be difficult, particularly if children are involved.   Homeworking desks can be assembled within minutes and at the end of the working day, the desk can be quickly dismantled for flat packed storage, freeing up space for the family again.

The Homeworking range is not just for the office working at home. Its quality build and stylish finish makes it ideal for Homeworking students, for gamers and surfers alike.

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Five fantastic models available in the Homeworking desk range.  

Each model can add a variety of technology as required.

Colour Choices

You can build your own desk to suit your homeworking needs

Along with the choice of our 5 fantastic designs you can also create a bespoke desk with endless colour options, hygiene finishes and additional features.

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*Colours subject to availability or change at short notice

Homeworking range

Colour-match range

Hygiene range

The Homeworking range uses a simple and highly stylish white laminate surface. This desk range is made from quality materials sourced, cut, designed and built in our state-of-the-art production facility in the UK. Our craftspeople take great care and attention in cutting and finishing to guarantee an efficient home assembly and huge user satisfaction when built.

The Colour-match range gives you the opportunity to design your very own Homeworking desk to complement your home colour scheme. The colour choice is extensive so if you are after a certain shade of green to match your living room, then there is every chance we can accommodate. All you need to do is unpack and assemble within a matter of minutes.

The Hygiene range is a beautiful, non-porous and extremely tough surface offering anti-bacterial qualities to ensure your work surface is always clean and healthy. This practical desk is an extremely safe desk for the whole family to use as a simple wipe down will remove most bugs and germs left from food, drink or grease which can be difficult to completely remove from standard desk surfaces. This Hygiene range is not only the cleanest work surface but it’s also one of the toughest as it is water and scratch resistant. Due to the material’s composition, fingerprints and general marks do not show up making this superior desk finish, the best looking home office solution around.

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Additional features available

In addition to colour and hygiene options, we have optional features to help improve your overall experience making your homeworking desk space more practical and efficient.


Choose between a QI wireless charger or USB charging points,  to minimise the need for additional plug sockets or extensions.


If your work requires the use of both a display and laptop, or dual screen functionality, the laptop tray provides a convenient way to store your laptop while maintaining screen position and reducing desktop clutter.


You can choose to add a single monitor arm or dual monitor arm to all models, to improve the flexibility of screen position and increase clear desk space.


Improve your working position with a keyboard tilt function, improving your arm and wrist position when working for extended periods of time.

Let us help you build your own Homeworking desk


Specialising in office desks designed for the home

Our expert award winning designers and craftspeople only use quality sustainable materials and are proud to produce the Homeworking range from our hi-tech Berkshire based factory in the UK. The experience in creating desks and workplace systems for a variety of demanding environments spans over 20 years. This means that your Homeworking desk will not only be beautifully made but built to withstand the day to day pounding that office or even school desks would normally experience.


Work from home in comfort


Desks created by award winning workspace designers and craftspeople

Highest quality

Choose a desk made from quality materials

Increase productivity

Homeworking desks can have office features to aid productivity